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Make This Free Macrame Wall Hanging

  • DIY Macrame Wall Hanging


A macrame wall hanging


 Stacy Fisher

A macrame wall hanging is a straightforward DIY challenge that may add a home made contact to any room in your house.  This free tutorial will allow you to create a wall hanging with quite a lot of attention-grabbing patterns, corresponding to spirals and triangles. Do not be afraid to vary it as much as make it your personal.

Regardless of the way it appears, this can be a easy challenge that may simply take you an hour or two to finish. It actually comes collectively quick and you will find a number of alternatives so as to add your personal type to it.

This is only one of many free macrame patterns that embrace plant hangers, bookmarks, curtains, and a complete lot extra.

The knots you will be utilizing for this macrame wall hanging embrace Lark’s Head knot, Spiral knot, and Sq. knot. You may discover ways to tie all these knots by studying our information on methods to macrame.

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    What You may Want

    Macrame cord, scissors, and a wooden dowel on a table


     Stacy Fisher

    This is what you will want to finish this DIY macrame wall hanging:

    • Cotton Macrame Twine (200 ft or 61 meters)
    • Picket Dowel (3/4-inch diameter, 24 inches lengthy)
    • Scissors

    I am utilizing cotton clothesline for my macrame twine. It has an exquisite pure look to it and is pretty cheap.

    The picket dowel does not have to be these actual dimensions and in place of the picket dowel, use no matter dimension you want so long as you possibly can match all of the ropes over it. If you would like to provide it a extra outdoorsy really feel, you possibly can use a tree department in regards to the similar dimension.

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    Make a Hanger for Your Picket Dowel

    A macrame cord attached to a wooden dowel with scissors beside it


     Stacy Fisher

    Reduce a chunk of macrame twine that is three ft (one meter). Tie every finish of the twine to the 2 sides of the picket dowel.

    You may use this to hold your macrame challenge when it is completed. I like to connect it initially so I can grasp the macrame challenge as I tie knots. Working this fashion is far simpler than laying it down.

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    Reduce Your Macrame Twine

    Macrame cord cut into pieces with a pair of scissors


     Stacy Fisher

    Reduce your macrame twine into 12 lengths of rope which can be 15 ft (4.5 meters) lengthy.

    This may increasingly look like quite a lot of twine however knots take up extra twine than you’d suppose. There is not any strategy to make your rope longer if you’ll want to, so it is higher to chop greater than you will use.

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    Connect Macrame Twine to Dowel

    Lark's head knot on a wooden dowel


     Stacy Fisher

    Fold one of many macrame cords in half and use a lark’s head knot to connect it to the picket dowel.

    Connect all the opposite cords in the identical manner.

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    Knot Spiral Stitches

    A macrame spiral stitch


     Stacy Fisher

    Take the primary Four cords and make a left-facing spiral sew (additionally known as a half knot sinnet) by tying 13 half knots.

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    Proceed Knotting Spiral Stitches

    Six spiral stitches


     Stacy Fisher

    Use the subsequent set of 4 ropes to make one other spiral sew with 13 half knots. Proceed working in teams with 4 cords. While you end, it is best to have a complete of six spiral stitches.

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    Make Sq. Knots

    A set of square knots


     Stacy Fisher

    Measure roughly two inches down from the final knot within the spiral sew. That is the place you are going to place your subsequent knot, the sq. knot.

    Utilizing the primary 4 cords, make a proper going through sq. knot. Proceed making the proper going through sq. knots all the best way throughout this row. Do your finest to maintain all of them horizontally even with one another. You may find yourself with a set of six sq. knots.

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    Lower Sq. Knots

    A second row of square knots


     Stacy Fisher

    Now it is time to begin lowering the sq. knots so we are able to have a “V” form of knots.

    Depart the primary two cords and the final two cords free. Make proper going through sq. knots with every group of 4. You may now have a second row with the 2 first and two final cords unknotted and 5 sq. knots.

    It does not matter the way you area these, simply maintain them even with one another for every row.

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    Proceed Deceasing the Sq. Knots

    A "V" made out of square knots


     Stacy Fisher

    For the third row, you are going to miss the primary 4 cords and the final 4 cords. You may have 4 sq. knots.

    For the fourth row miss six cords initially and 6 cords on the finish. You may have three sq. knots.

    Within the fifth row,  you will miss eight cords initially and eight extra cords on the finish. You may have two sq. knots now.

    For the sixth and last row, you will miss 10 cords initially and 10 cords on the finish. This can depart you with 4 cords to make one last sq. knot.

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    Enhance Sq. Knots

    Making a second "V' with square knots


     Stacy Fisher

    Time for extra sq. knots! This time, we’re going to be growing them to kind a triangle, or an the other way up “V.”

    For the primary row of this part, miss the primary eight and final eight cords. You may make two sq. knots.

    Within the third row, miss six cords initially and the tip. You may have three sq. knots on this row.

    For the fourth row, miss 4 cords initially and 4 on the finish. You may have 4 sq. knots.

    Within the fifth row, depart out two cords initially and the final two cords. Now you will have 5 sq. knots on this row.

    For the final row, use all of the cords to make knots. You may have six sq. knots for this row.

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    Trim and Knot

    Overhand knots


     Stacy Fisher

    Time to provide your macrame wall hanging a pleasant trim. Depart some area (about six to eight inches) underneath your last row. Use your scissors to chop the cords straight throughout.


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