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How to Make a Towel Basket from an Old Pot

You can make a decorative towel basket from the old pot that you don’t use. In our article, the conversion of an old saucepan to a towel basket is included.

If you have old pans that are not used in your kitchen, you can make decorative products with them. For example, a towel basket can be made from an old pot. This recycling made by a friend of ours was liked by many ladies.

Ebrar Güngör’s project was made thousands of times on the recycling page. Ebrar turned the pot into a cute towel basket by recycling it and signed a very beautiful project.

Ebrar lady who gave us a few details about the project, used the rope rope instead of it because it was very dirty. Now let’s take a look at the project and what the friend said.

The satin would have been the cover of the old pillows, I glued it back and glued it on it, but I just glued it on the edges, if something spilled inside it, there was nothing under the satin so that it was easy to clean and then I stuck the rope under the pot. I used hot silicone to paste.




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