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Fun Pinecone Crafts

If you’re looking for inexpensive craft materials, you can’t find anything better than materials that you can just pick up outside! One of my favorite natural fall material is pinecones! They naturally come in different shapes and sizes, and they’re so versatile! Also, they’re so easy to find for free, either in your own backyard or the local park! If you have access to a lot of pinecones, and are wondering what to do with them, try one of these 12 Fun Pinecone Crafts!

Want to make an inexpensive and easy craft? If you have a lot of pinecones and don't know what to do with them, try one of these 12 fun pinecone crafts!

If you don’t live in an area where pinecones naturally occur, you can easily find a bag of them at your local craft store. If you’re using ones that you found outside, remember to bake them first to burn off the sap and bugs.

12 Fun Pinecone Crafts

1. Knockoff Pottery Barn Glitter and Snow Pinecones

Knockoff Pottery Barn Glitter and Snow Pinecones

If you want to decorate with pinecones, you do always have the option of just buying some in a store. But if you’d rather save some money, you can usually make a similar look for a much lower cost! Check out Blissfully Ever After’s tutorial on how to make pretty knockoff Pottery Barn glitter and snow pinecones!

 2. DIY Pinecone Wreath

DIY Pinecone Wreath

Doesn’t this look pretty? And it’s not hard to make, either! I Heart Naptime explains how to make your own DIY pinecone wreath!

3. DIY Mini Pinecone Wreath Placeholders

DIY Mini Pinecone Wreath Placeholders

This would look so cute as a placeholder for Thanksgiving, or any other fall/winter get-together! Oh So Beautiful Paper shows how to make your own custom DIY mini pinecone wreath placeholders!

4. DIY Candy Corn Pinecones

DIY Candy Corn Pinecones

These would look great as part of a fall or Halloween display! Follow  Who Needs a Cape’s tutorial to make cute DIY candy corn pinecones!

5. DIY Pinecone Bird Feeders

DIY Pinecone Bird Feeders

Now that it’s getting colder, it’s even more important to keep your backyard birds fed. Luckily, you can make them some cute and seasonal bird feeders out of pine cones! Follow Freebie Finding Mom’s tutorial on how to make your own DIY pinecone bird feeders!

6. White Painted Pinecones Craft

Painted Pinecones Craft

If you’re looking for an easy pinecone craft, you definitely have to try this! It’s amazing what a little paint can do! Check out Town and Country Living’s easy tutorial on how to make DIY white painted pinecones!

 7. DIY Pinecone Topiary Trees

DIY Pinecone Topiary Trees

You don’t have to use the whole pinecone when doing a pinecone craft! Follow By Stephanie Lynn’s tutorial to make your own pretty DIY pinecone topiary trees using pinecone petals!

8. Ombre Painted Pinecone Craft

Ombre Painted Pinecone Craft

I love ombre painted things! Find out how to make your own adorable ombre painted pinecones by following Whimzeecal’s tutorial!

9. DIY Pinecone Christmas Trees

DIY Pinecone Christmas Trees

If you’ve ever thought that pinecones look like tiny trees, then you need to try this craft! Scissors and Spoons shows how to turn ordinary pinecones into pretty pinecone Christmas trees!

10. DIY Pinecone Spheres

DIY Pinecone Spheres

You’ve likely see these decor spheres for sale in stores before. They look wonderful, but sometimes can be costly. Easily make your own by following Garden Therapy’s tutorial on how to make DIY pinecone spheres!

11. DIY Gilded Pinecone Thanksgiving Wreath

DIY Gilded Pinecone Thanksgiving Wreath

All wreaths don’t have to be round! Try making My Three Monsters’ cute DIY gilded pinecone Thanksgiving wreath and give your Thanksgiving guests a nice welcome!

12. Pinecone Garland Craft

Pinecone Garland Craft

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