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Easy DIY Stamped Napkin

Today I have Katie Femia from The Homespun Hydrangeasharing an adorable DIY project! Crafting your own table décor can be easy, and is a great way to personalize the space for your guests and make them feel welcome. An easy way to do this is by making your own DIY napkins! These homemade DIY stamped napkins are easy enough to craft even for a crafting newbie, and you can have fun picking out what stamp you want to use! Here is how to create your own pretty and Easy DIY Stamped Napkin!

Easily make your own pretty table decor with this DIY stamped napkin tutorial! This would look lovely on your fall or Thanksgiving table!

I chose a cute little owl stamp for my napkin, which makes it a great fit for fall or Thanksgiving, but you could choose any stamp design that you like!

Easy DIY Stamped Napkin

Supplies needed:

Easy DIY stamped napkin

Stamp of choice (I used this cute owl stamp, but any other rubber stamp would work)
Stamp pad in choice of color
Cloth napkin OR 12×12 fabric square in light, solid color
Assorted twigs or cinnamon sticks
Twine, ribbon, or yarn in fall colors
Silk leaves

You can find basic solid napkins at your local dollar store, or find some inexpensive fabric and simply cut it into 12 by 12 inch squares.


1. Begin by testing your stamp out a few times on scrap paper. This will help you see how much ink and pressure you need to use to get the perfect print.

Easy DIY stamped napkin
2. Press the stamp to the ink and press it to the corner of the napkin. Hold and release. Allow the ink to dry before proceeding.
3. Roll the napkin up and secure it with your ribbon or twine.

Easy DIY stamped napkin

4. Under the ribbon you can tuck a single silk leaf, laying flat. Over the leaf try tucking in a simple twig or a cinnamon stick like I did. The cinnamon will make your table smell fantastic!

Easy DIY stamped napkin

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