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DIY Dish Washing and Drying Mitt

If you want to get your dishes done fast, you have to use the right tools! Why work with an old fashioned sponge and kitchen towel when you can make one of these handy mitts! This mitt can be created out of any kitchen towel, making it very inexpensive and highly customizable. It can also be used to either wash or dry your dishes, making it very useful! Make this DIY Dish Washing and Drying Mitt and get your dishes done fast and easy!


I made my DIY dish washing mitt out of a green kitchen hand towel with a cute little watermelon slice on it. But you could use any towel you like! You could even make a different mitt for each holiday/season, using seasonally decorated hand towels!

This would make a great house warming gift, especially if paired with some cleaning supplies, like one of these homemade cleaners!

DIY Dish Washing and Drying Mitt


A kitchen hand towel (plain or themed)
Sewing pins
8 1/2 X 11″ white paper (letter size printer paper)
Sewing machine and thread


DIY dish washing and drying mitt

1. Trace your hand on a piece of white paper.
2. Cut the paper around your traced hand like a mitten, making sure you leave at least an inch all the way around your hand, especially at the cuff.
3. Fold your towel in half width-wise.
4. Use your cut out mitten as a template/pattern and place the cuff at the bottom of the towel.
5. Pin your pattern in place.

DIY dish washing and drying mitt

6. Cut out two mitten shaped towels.
7. Remove your pins from your pattern and mitten shaped towels.

DIY dish washing and drying mitt8. Now place your two mitten shaped towels together, pattern side facing each other and pin together like in the photo, leaving the cuff open.

DIY dish washing and drying mitt

9. Using a sewing machine, sew your towels along the pinned edges. Don’t accidentally sew the cuff closed!
10. Turn your mitten right side out.

To use, just put your hand in your DIY dish washing and drying mitt to wash or dry your dishes!

Make your dish washing faster and easier with this DIY dish washing and drying mitt! It's very inexpensive and easy to make!

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