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All-Natural Produce Wash

I like bringing residence baggage of brightly coloured produce from the natural farmer’s marketplace for my family- mounds of crisp inexperienced lettuce, pink ripe strawberries, rainbow carrots, and earth-scented potatoes. To get all these recent fruits and veggies clear, you should give them a very good tub! You should buy fancy (costly) produce washes on the retailer, or you can also make this recipe in lower than 2 minutes at residence and know precisely what’s going on your meals. Observe this simple tutorial to make your personal All-Pure Produce Wash!

All-natural produce wash

Whereas water can rinse off filth, this all-natural produce wash may also rinse away wax, pesticides, and different chemical substances which may be in your produce. I’ve additionally discovered that utilizing this wash appears to make produce final rather a lot longer with out wilting!

All-Pure Produce Wash

You Will Want:

2 cups distilled water
¼ cup vinegar
10 drops lemon important oil
Giant glass spray bottle (The oils may break down sure plastics which might then leach chemical substances into your produce wash. Yuck! Additionally, citrus important oils might work together with mild, so should you don’t know for positive you possibly can preserve the spray bottle someplace darkish, go for a darkish glass bottle.)


All-natural produce wash

All-natural produce wash

1. Mix substances in spray bottle.
2. Shake nicely to mix.

Retailer in a darkish cupboard when not utilizing to protect the important oils.

How one can Use:

1. Place your produce in a big strainer within the sink.
2. Shake the spray bottle to ensure the produce wash’s substances haven’t separated.
3. Spray produce nicely, mixing and turning it to cowl all of it.
4. Let sit for five minutes.
5. Rinse totally with water for 2-Three minutes.
6. Drain nicely and dry.

Then take pleasure in instantly, or retailer your naturally cleaned produce in your fridge’s crisper tray!

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