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10 Homemade Dog Toys

Dog toys aren’t cheap. Even if your dog is small, toys can be pretty pricey. And if your dog tears up toys quickly, the costs add up fast! If you want to keep your dog stocked with toys, but don’t want to spend a ton of money on them, you should consider making your own dog toys! They can be very quick and easy to make! Check out these 10 Homemade Dog Toys for ideas!

There's no reason to spend tons of money on toys from pet stores. Instead, make your own toys! Check out these 10 homemade dog toys for ideas!

While you can upcycle a lot of things into new dog toys, the only thing you can’t make yourself is the squeakers. We bought a big bag of squeakers for our dog Corey a few years ago, and we still haven’t used them all! They’re great to have on hand, both for making new toys and for replacing broken squeakers in toys that are otherwise fine.

10 Homemade Dog Toys

1. Homemade Chew Ring Rope Dog Toy

Homemade Chew Ring Rope Dog Toy

This is such a clever idea! Not only does your dog get the fun of chewing, but part of the toy is edible, too! Follow Instructables’ tutorial to make your own chew ring rope dog toy!

2. DIY Water Bottle Dog Toy

DIY Water Bottle Dog Toy

Our dog Corey loves to chew on water bottles! But we don’t like to leave them uncovered, as he could eat the plastic. This DIY water bottle dog toy from Andrea’s Notebook would make a great bottle cover!

3. Interactive Feeder Homemade Dog Toy

Interactive Feeder Homemade Dog Toy

If your dog is smart, s/he may get easily bored. A great solution is an interactive dog toy! Follow Dog Tipper’s instructions to make your own interactive feeder toy!

4. Crocheted Duck Dog Toy

Crocheted Duck Dog Toy

Have some crochet skills? Use them to make a cute toy for your dog! Follow Cand.Selv’s tutorial to make your own crocheted duck dog toy (scroll down for English instructions)!

5. Homemade Tennis Ball Buddy Toy

Homemade Tennis Ball Buddy Toy

This toy is a great way to use old denim! Check Vetstreet’s tutorial to find out how to make a tennis ball buddy toy!

6. DIY Braided Scraps Dog Toy

DIY Braided Scraps Dog Toy

You don’t need any fancy new fabric to make a good dog toy! With My Camera shows how to use old shirts to make this DIY braided dog toy!

7. Rope Ball Surprise DIY Dog Toy

Rope Ball Surprise DIY Dog Toy

Does your dog usually tear up even the toughest toys? Then you’ll want to make Hands Occupied’s DIY rope ball surprise toy (the surprise is hidden treats)!

8. Edible Filled Apple Dog Toy

Edible Filled Apple Dog Toy

Don’t want to have to worry about your dog eating part of its toys? Then make the whole toy edible! Follow Pretty Fluffy’s tutorial to make your dog their own edible filled apple toy!

9. Homemade Squeaky Dog Bone Toy

Homemade Squeaky Dog Bone Toy

If you’re good at sewing, you’ve got to try making this dog toy! Check out Laura Griffin’s Design’s tutorial for the pattern and instructions you need to make this adorable squeaky dog bone toy!

10. Fabric Stuffed Puzzle Homemade Dog Toy

Fabric Stuffed Puzzle Homemade Dog ToyPin

Puzzle toys are so much fun for dogs, especially if they include treats! Check out Leopold’s Crate’s tutorial on how to make a fabric stuffed puzzle homemade dog toy! This fun toy works well with any kind of ball toy with holes your dog already has.

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